My journey into Social Networking: Tweet, tweet, tweet

One tech tool I had not really used very much at all before this class was Twitter.  I had, probably 18 months ago, set up a “personal” twitter account in an effort to “follow” my teenagers, but after a few days never tweeted nor looked at my account.  One main reason for me was simply time.


For this class, I set up a new account (@unfroberson) that I could use for professional purposes.  I quickly began to follow various professional organizations and professionals of interest.  I have attempted to follow on a regular basis and have tweeted on occasion.  I still find it a low priority for me and difficult to remember to check.  I have a twitter app on my iPhone and iPad but still don’t go to  Twitter frequently.

I do see the potential value as one way of communicating with students.  I believe I would find it useful in at least communicating announcements to students and using it to send reminders to students throughout the week.  I think it could help me achieve one of my instructional goals in maintaining open communication with my students.  I intend to use twitter this summer in a graduate course I am teaching.  I will, similarly to this class, ask students to set up an account and follow me as well as one another and some professional course-related organizations.


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