Ready, Set, Go!: Using Ready-made Content


I’m a big advocate for not re-inventing the wheel!  When it comes to instructional content, that adage certainly applies.  If you are able to find content that is already available (either for free or for a costs) and that fits within what you are going to teach, why not use it?  Ready-made content can enhance my instructional goals by allowing me to save time that may have been dedicated to creating content and use that time to focus on delivery or engaging students in reflections and follow-through after instructional moments.

As an example, I located a video (via Youtube) that addresses introductory concepts of court interpreting. It would fit perfectly in early sessions of a graduate course I teach.  I would use the video to kick-off a module on the foundations of court interpreting and follow-up with an engaged discussion board assignment.  The use of ready-made content also adds to your instructional delivery toolbox.  If you vary the format of the content (video, audio, image, etc.) you can add a sense of “newness” to your course.



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