To Blog, or Not to Blog – is there a question?

A comment our instructor, Norm Garrett, made in the introductory reading for our module on asynchronous communication stood out to me.  He stated “To introduce this module, I will be so bold as to say there cannot be an online course without some element of communication.”  I totally agree!  You can’t teach without communicating.  Often in an online course, communication with and among students is more often handled via a discussion board.  A blog is a great tool for communicating with others and is still asynchronous – something everyone likes since we don’t have be online at a set time.

Like my experience with Twitter, I had created a blog 4-5 years ago for our family and used it frequently for a few months to blog about a holiday period of time.  Then, we moved onto FLICKR or Facebook, etc. 

For this course, I was encouraged (actually required, but hey – the result was the same) to establish this blog and use it to share my experiences with various tech tools.  My blog can be read at at WordPress (see


I’m really looking forward to using a Blog in future courses.  I believe a blog would add some “spice” to the course and allow communication in a different format.  Blogging is certainly interactive, but is also a way an individual can journal about given topics.  I believe a blog will help me assist my students in maintaining an engaged collaboration among one another.  The blog will meet the need of students communicating with one another and could serve as well as a portfolio of sorts much like this blog is doing for this course. 

I also use the blog tool within Blackboard to have students create a student homepage to introduce them to one another, post a photo and provide introductory information.  This has been well-received and helps make the course a bit more personal.



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