On My Own! Creating Content for Me to Use

I chose to create a video introduction to my course I’ll teach this summer.  The idea is that my students can meet me, learn about the course, and experience some “home-made” content.  I used iMovie (apple software found on all MACs) for the capture and editing of the video and then “shared” via Youtube. The process was easy, although the editing did take some time.  You can access the video by clicking here.

Course Introduction Video


The video will be posted in the Blackboard LMS and students will be instructed to view the video first thing.  The course will be taught in American Sign Language and includes Deaf students as well. I did the video in ASL and later provided a voice-over interpretation you those of you who are “sign-impaired”. For the course, the video will not include the voiceover.

I like to use videos in my courses as often as possible. Videos make most sense because of the ASL usage. I intend to make short (up to 5 minutes) videos for use with the different modules of the course to provide an introduction to the various topics at hand.

I believe that the ability to create content (short lectures, multi-media presentations, videos, animated stories, etc.) will really enhance my course and add variety to how modules are delivered.


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