Surveying is great!

One of the tasks we were given during the Technology Tools course was to either create an assessment for use in a course or to create a survey.  I chose to create a survey using surveymonkey.  I had never used Survey Monkey before, although I had use the survey tool within Blackboard and Vovici (the survey tool our university uses). 


It was rather easy to create the survey.  The survey is sort of a “pre-class” survey.  The idea is to have it available when the class goes live and have students complete the survey the first week. The survey would give them practice at completing such a survey (which I use each week as a module reflection type data collection) and give me some insight into where they are in their thinking about the course.

The URL is:

I intend to use this in class this summer and will use “surveys’ to serve as reflections for each module.



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