About Len Roberson

Len is currently the Dean of the Graduate School at the University of North Florida and Assistant Vice-President of Academic Technology and is a tenured Associate professor currently teaching in the ASL/English Interpreting graduate program – a program he developed and founded at UNF.  Len Roberson has been involved in the fields of deaf education and interpreting for 23 years. He is an active researcher, interpreter, and interpreter educator and holds the SC:L, CI and CT certifications from RID.  He is co-owner of an interpreting agency in NE Florida through which he interprets primarily in legal settings.    Since joining UNF in 1998, Len has received more than 3 million dollars in external funding as the principal investigator for numerous grants. His current research interests include the study of interpreting in legal settings, teacher effectiveness and preparation and service learning in interpreter education. Len has presented numerous papers and workshops in North America and abroad.  He is co-editor for the Journal of Interpretation published by RID. Len is married and has seven beautiful children, 4 girls and 3 boys.

Email:  Len Roberson


DL @ UNF:  http://www.unf.edu/distancelearning/

Graduate School @ UNF:  http://www.unf.edu/graduateschool/


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